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Last blog we asked if you were afraid to negotiate. Hopefully we convinced you that life would be easier as an attorney if you added negotiation to your skills.

Spiral StaircaseSo this week, let me give you a few ways of looking at negotiation that might be helpful.

  • Always negotiate from strength. That means you have to do your homework so you have identified what benefit the other party has for negotiating with you.  This doesn’t mean that you walk in and lay all your cards on the table.

Talk and preparation only go so far.  Doing is so much more important.  So on this great Memorial Day, I am asking you to take all of your negotiation insights to the next level.  Decide on thing you are going to talk to someone about.  It might be your spouse or your children or you boss or your staff.  There has to be at least one thing that you would like to get or change.  It doesn’t have to be a large quest, just a practice negotiation.

Let’s say you want to ask your spouse to give more quality time to your relationship.  Scarey! You might find out that your spouse doesn’t want to do this or that your spouse has been thinking the same thing.  You will never know until you talk about it.  So, putting the techniques that you have learned about to work, first decide what you want the outcome to be.  What exactly do you mean by quality time?  How much is there now?  Would you take anything else besides more time to satisfy you?  Remember to find out your BATNA.  Best Alternative To A Negotiated Agreement.  In other words what is your plan “B” if you can’t get what you want from this negotiation?

iStock_000013699319_ExtraSmall   Next you need a good quiet time to have this conversation.  Plan how you will start.  Put judgment and ego aside.  Let the person know you care about him/her .  (In a professional situation, this would be shown as  respect). You might start with an open ended statement like” I’ve been thinking that it might be nice to have more quality time together?”  Wait for the answer.  Don’t say anything more until you get a response, even if it is only a grunt.