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I was watching a PBS show on “The Royals” and one of the surprising insights they talked about was the fact that the Royal Family is and was taught how to be interested in each person they spoke with.  This created good feelings in the people and interest in the Royal Family as a whole.

That struck me as a sort of Kindness that the Royal Family found to bring about great results since their reputation is based on how well they are thought of by the people of the United Kingdom (including Scotland!).   All it takes apparently is to listen intently and respond appropriately  one on one to the schoolchild, farmer, blue collar worker or the banker to bring about good feelings.  The Royals are then acting with Kindness which has been inbred.  What an interesting concept!

How can this knowledge help attorneys in their daily lives?

Hope you had a great holiday… back to school for the kids and down to a long haul until Thanksgiving for the rest of us.

Have you thought about Kindness?  I would encourage you to not only think about it but start integrating it into your “lawyer life”.

Mentoring is a very good way to show kindness to a lawyer who may be having trouble getting started or who is just in trouble. Mentoring is different from Coaching.  I always ask my clients to look for a mentor for their careers.  These are people who understand the area of law that is practiced and can give direct advise about how to handle clients, answer questions about the law and also give some hints about how to increase business and/or marketing.

I was thinking about kindness as I read over civility rules for lawyers.  Why in the world do we need “civility rules” on top of all the other rules that we who have or are practicing law have dealt with during our career?  Shouldn’t being civil, polite and showing respect be taught in Kindergarten, not forced on us by the Bar Associations?

iStock_000008132917Small Yet, each of us know that there are lawyers out there that get so involved in gaining control or winning (as they see it) that vigorously working for a client becomes a personal vendetta of rudeness and/or just outright hostility.  There is a great difference between being assertive and begin obnoxious.

Then there is going one step further and actually fostering Kindness in the legal world.  What would this look like.  I purpose it might look like this: