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I was sick last week, so no blog but I did muse. Then I took a friend and  went to the beach and  this is the result of that musing…..                                                             

easter funny eggs sitting on a chair under umbrella on a sand and bottle of champain in a  bucket with watermelon. selective soft focus
                                                “DON’T PLAY LEAPFROG WITH A UNICORN”

                I came across this saying and thought that the suggestion might be helpful to attorneys.  My interpretation, which is always right, is that you shouldn’t engage with someone or thing that might really do you great harm.  This brings to mind the defense attorney who just won’t turn away any client even those that are obviously dangerous.  Or the family law case in which the client has had 4 prior attorneys and has sued them all.

Movies are made about it, people tell each other about it and even school children have them.  Bucket Lists:  all the things you want to do before you die.  So what does yours look like?

Is it filled with big plans like “learn a language”, “learn how to play piano” or “write a novel”?  or small things like “spring clean”, “take a yoga class” or “join my PTA”?

Probably your list should be filled with big things and little things.  Some to do tomorrow and some to do next year…..however, since none of us know how much longer we have to get these things accomplished, most should be something that we can get on right away.

                                                         Don’t ever hide your sense of humor!

Some lawyers think that everything is serious and some lawyers think nothing is serious.  Of course, what is obvious is that neither of these lawyers are correct.

Using humor can be a great asset to an attorney.  How many of you looked at my Fun on Friday post that was really funny ?  How many of you laughed?  More importantly how many of you sent it along to other friends so that they could enjoy themselves for a minute?

When you take a survey of how people feel about Halloween, you usually get answers like: “oh, I love  to get dressed up and go to a party” or “I hate it.  All that candy and the kids get crazy” or ” I shut my door and turn off the lights and hide”.

Here in Santa Cruz, CA the city has a huge parade and the kids get to go trick or treating to all the stores along the main street early in the evening.It is fun to see all the little ones dressed up but things can get a little rough later on when the big folks start partying in the street.  The City even puts up a temporary fence around each tree and sculpture on the street.

Dollar staircaseEach of us has our own remembrances of Halloween. Mine is getting black all over my face from slobbering on the black mask.  Also remembering my Dad hiding behind a tree to keep an eye on us as we went door to door.  What is your memory?