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So, there I was in front of the ATM.  I put my card in as instructed and then it asked me how much cash I wanted.  I punched the button for $50.00 (a modest sum) and the MACHINE told me that there was no money in the account!!!

staircase stairNow, I know that I have bank  underdrafts, overdrafts and between drafts and that I had made a healthy deposit early in the week, so I knew this MACHINE was LYING.  I thought about trying again but I was so debilitated by the experience, I slunk away hoping that the people in line behind me didn’t see the transaction.

I felt such SHAME! Of course, when I thought about it, I knew that was silly because it wasn’t true and no human knew about the incident anyway.  So instead of taking the healthy alternative and forgetting about it, I avoided ATM machines for the next few months and got my cash with use of my card at Safeway…

I have been so annoyed with myself for the smallest thing.  When I am winding down for the night and in my nightgown and robe, I am constantly getting up to go into the kitchen to get my chapstick (no, I am not Susie!).  Especially in the winter, my lips get very dry sitting in heated rooms. I know you are finding this fascinating but I am getting to the point……

So, just last night I decided to do something to stop getting up every hour to get the chapstick.  What did I do?  I put the chapstick in the pocket of my bathrobe. Now I can get it anytime I want and all I have to worry about is washing the bathrobe with it in the pocket.

110_F_72157463_yQy1l2l441BIy0ZQqyvfJ6mKSDBRqtKf I then began to think of all the other things that are a constant bother and how simple it might be to solve my angst.  After all, I teach time management and this is right up there with annoying problems of how we use our time.