Ok, so I have an excuse.  I have been in the hospital with a bowel obstruction and that’s why no blog lately .  My Google Analytics tell me that many of you have deserted me in my hour of need.  Do you feel guilty?

But I am back and pondering on what I did when I had to be sick and had tubes running out of body.  I couldn’t really use my cell phone because the IV kept beeping when I wasn’t holding my arm straight out.  Same reason it was hard to read.  TV was awful and I didn’t have my M3 player to listen to Books on Tape.  I couldn’t WORK!

So I had to lay there and be unamused!  Then, of course, when I finally got to sleep the nurses would be in to take my blood pressure and temperature and wake me up.  WHINE, WHINE.

Famous landmark of Old State House in Boston. Photo of the spiral stairs of the person intentionally blurred holding the rail and moving down.So I started to think about my clients and how proud I was of them.  They are struggling with little and big challenges.  They frequently don’t do what I think they should be doing and make up all kind of excuses.  But that’s alright.  The journey to success is hard and there are many minefields.  So I am thankful every day that the Universe has blessed me with the ability to assist and coach lawyers in their journeys.

I was going to write about confidence this blog but sickness got in the way.  I promise I will get to that on Monday (my usual blogging day) and in the meantime, I will just continue to be grateful for all I have.