OK, so just what is Mastery?  Some would tell us that Mastery is facing up to adversity and overcoming obstacles to reach a deep understanding of what you are doing.  But it takes Grit and Resiliency to do this.  Let’s talk a little about Grit.  Its something more than resiliency because it is in the here and now.  It is what it takes to keep going when it doesn’t seem worth it.  It is deciding what you want.  It is having the “guts” to just do it.

Grit requires that you don’t buy into the “carrot and stick” approach but are willing to, not only decide what that you will do something, but then to do it, no matter how hard it is.

Always ask yourself “How can I be better?” will give you the platform to start but grit and resiliency will be necessary to plan the goals and complete them.

So how do you get grit in your life and really master what you are doing?

  • First you acknowledge that grit is necessary to do anything worthwhile.
  • Next you calculate how much grit you have right now for getting things done.
  • After that you take a small task that you don’t really want to do.
  • You practice your grit until that task is completed.
  • You never stop. You intensely focus on the outcome.
  • Usually the bigger the step or task, the more grit you need.
  • Hamburg: SprinkenhofDecide what you will do to renew your grit as it gets drained before that happens






With excelling in Grit, You will create Mastery in whatever you decide to do.  So today, pick out one thing in your life that will take some Grit to accomplish.  It may be cleaning out your office or leaning a new language or developing a new marketing plan.  If any of these sound like they are just too big, too boring or too scarey, start immediately on that one and really test your grit.