Please don’t think your marketing is over simply because you finally gave a speech.  There are several more tasks that need to be done after the big day is over.

1.  Collect as many names from the attendees as you can.  If the sponsor won’t give you names and email addresses, have a raffle and ask all participants to put in their business cards.  Starbucks gift cards are always great raffle gifts.  In this way, you can get a list of everyone who was there.

2. Put those names into your contacts in Outlook.  If you had a conversation with any of the people, note that.  Note what they do.

3. Enter those names in your general Constant Contact list so they can receive your eblasts and newsletters, etc.

4. Ask the Sponsors of the event for any feedback they have about the event.

5. Ask the Sponsors if they might like another talk in the future.  Note their response.

6. If you had a friend attend, get feedback from him or her.

7. Calendar to follow up to give another talk at that venue.

Spiral StaircaseThe follow up is where most attorneys fail to get the most marketing results.  So do your due diligence and find out how good your talk was, and how it might be improved.  Most important, keep in touch with all the people involved in the event.

Now you have all the hints you need to prepare for your next public speaking event.  When will that be?  The sooner you get known for your expertise and ability to help clients, the sooner new clients will come rolling in.