I have been gone for a couple of weeks recovering from the lawyer’s curse, Bronchitis.   I could hardly speak and then I sounded like Lauren Bacall (remember her?).  Deep sexy voice.

So let’s turn to what you can speak about.  This is sometimes the landmine that stops people from ever getting up to speak.  If you are asked to speak on a particular subject, then you have it easy.  More difficult is putting together proposals and selling those to groups you want to speak to.  So let’s talk about that form of marketing yourself.

stock-photo-10510143-spiral-stairsFirst you have to go back to identifying your target audience.  What information do they need?  What are their problems and concerns?  Where do they group together?  Is it the Rotary? Is it the Bar? Is it in Associations?  Take for instance that you have decided that your possible “gatekeepers” as a business lawyer are CPAs in your community.

Find out what CPAs read and then get those publications and see what they are interested in.  Next find out if there is an association of CPAs in your community.  Do they meet regularly?  Can you join?  do they have speakers? Who are the movers and shakers in the group? What kind of value are they trying to offer their clients?  How can you help them do that?

OK, now you have identified a group of CPAs in an Association.  You have found out who plans the meetings and that they do have speakers from time to time.  First ask that person what he or she would need to allow you to speak.  Also see if you can find out what prior speakers and topics they have used.  Then once you get the OK, you can begin to find several topics you can present as a proposal.

You might want to speak to a friend who is a CPA and find out what legal concerns are hot topics right now.  You can google information about what CPAs are facing in this economy.  What is their need?  Do they need to know the latest law? Or do they need more information about what to do for clients who are in legal trouble? Do they need to know factors which can keep clients out of legal trouble?

Now you have come up with 2 or 3 topics.  Put them together with a short description.  Indicate how long the presentation will be.  Add your resume with a picture so the person has a lot of good information to present to the powers that be who have to approve you.  Always think about how you can add value to the CPAs’ business.

Next time we’ll talk about what happens after you get accepted to present a speech.  Now comes the scary part!!!!