I hope you all had a joyous and wonderful Holiday.  We have one more giant event to look forward to this week.  Let’s make it the best ever !

We have been talking about the dreaded NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS.  Yes, 87% of these resolutions never get carried out no matter what the good intentions might have been.  So in my search for how to overcome this obstacle and since we all agree it would nice to finally have some success with New Year’s Resolutions, I have come up with a few possibilities.  These I will share one each week until they run out.

THIS WEEK:  Let’s try the proposal from the new book, ONE WORD THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. This was written by three men who worked on this idea for some time and have come up with a possible solution to our problem.  It certainly is worth a try.

The premise is that you pick one word that focuses on your wishes and needs for yourself in the coming year.  Each year you select a new one. You go about selecting this word by meditating on what your needs are and what the universe intends your direction to be. You should read the book for further instructions but basically you first need to spend some time coming up with a word that has great meaning for yourself and reflects what you want to accomplish in the next year.

So let’s try this with our example of two weeks ago.  We talked about the popular idea of losing weight in the new year.  We had specific goals planned and now we know we only have a 13% chance of succeeding.  Let’s try to get that up to 100%!

spiral staircase with red carpet for a dizzying ascentWhat one word might describe what  your need and purpose is for losing weight?  A few I came up with were: HEALTH, VITALITY,ENERGY,AND APPEARANCE. Say, for instance you picked Health.  Then everyday you would wake up with this word on your tongue and each night you would go to sleep whispering it.  Health might mean passing up that chocolate cake or finding an exercise buddy that can keep you on the path. Health might mean also your mental health by de stressing your life.  Health will mean a slightly different thing for each person using it but if it is personal word, it will have meaning.

I have a feeling, as a coach, that combining the one WORD  with a plan about how you were going to attain the fruits of this word might be the best way to do this.  This plan would be frequently updated and changed as the meaning of your word becomes more important in your life.

I just talked to a client about this idea and he immediately came up with the word FLEXIBLE.  He is going to use this word to create greater opportunities in his life to be able to get more tasks done that are really meaningful to him.  Prioritizing seems to be  very important right now.  He will have to see how that changes during the year.

So let’s all give this a try and see if we can leap over the obstacle of not caring for a long enough time to realizing our goals.  Sit for a while with no distractions and see what you come up with.  If it doesn’t happen right away, back off and just keep asking the universe to let it pop into your head.

By the way, I would be glad to share mine with you but I am still asking the universe.  Stay tuned, hopefully it will come soon and I can let you know.  Then we can see how it is working.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this was the answer to all that guilt we feel when we don’t succeed with our plans?  Try it, it couldn’t hurt.

Also please share your word with the rest of us.  We are all interested in supporting you.  No Blog next week as I will be sitting on the beach in Florida thinking up my word.