8/6/13 Back from Los Angeles having gone to a friend’s 80th birthday party where he was salsa dancing.  Hopefully we can all still be dancing at 80!

Hope you had time for a vacation from LAW too.  Let’s talk a little about Burn Out.  This is what you get when you don’t take a vacation and don’t take care of yourself.  Burn Out is really depression at its worse because you literally don’t care about doing anything productive.  Or sometimes anything at all.  It comes from overwhelming yourself without a break.  It can also come from continually doing something you dislike or have the feeling that the tasks are soul draining.

Lawyers get into big trouble with Burn Out because they don’t file important papers and don’t want to talk to their clients.  This leads to a call from the Bar and other nasty things like bankruptcy.  So how do you guard against this?  We’ll talk about that next week……