6/24/13 What action task did you do last week?  Was it successful?  Do you need to build on it?

One of the main problems about setting and completing goals is that there needs to be a follow up.  This often is forgotten.  So, if you have lunch with Mr. Smith on June 1st. , he needs to be “touched” or followed up with by June 15th.  This can be a quick email saying how much you enjoyed meeting him or it can be a copy of an article that might interest him. The article should not be an advertisement for you but something that will help him and his business. . Next you put Mr. Smith in your “B” contacts unless you feel secure that he will refer to you. Then he can go into your “As”.  Also calendar for another phone or lunch in another 6 months.  If its worth a lunch, its worth a follow up.

Remember, your purpose in making relationships is to  invest in the success of the other person. This is a difficult concept for most business people as they focus on profits and equate that with success. Certainly having enough profit to maintain a comfortable life is important but the clue to getting there is helping other people have a comfortable life.  That’s the way the world works.  There are several new business books out which attest to this.  Titles and Authors to come.

PS. I’ll be gone next week in lovely Yosemite so no blog…..Have a great summer.