6/17/13 Yeah, the ABA just informed me that they will be publishing my book.  The working title is “HOW TO BE A BETTER LAWYER TODAY WHILE SURVIVING THE 21ST CENTURY”. As some of you know, I have it about 2/3 finished and have been working on it for three years but this will force me into high gear!

The message gained from that for my coaching clients and faithful readers is to keep persisting in difficult tasks which take time and patience to have results.

Take one task today that has been difficult for you to succeed at and decide one action that will push that task forward.  It certainly does not have to be something as formidable as writing a book, but can be as simple as updating your website or getting a speaking engagement or writing an article or contacting all of your “A” contacts.  Please email me what you are doing or call me to discuss on my Open Coaching Hours (see website). Love to hear from you.