5/13/13 Now let’s talk about marketing your Niche.  You have picked a new area or “tooled down” an existing area.  You actually now need a new marketing plan just for this Niche.  Start with you is your target market and then decide how to reach them.  Is it by LinkedIn? by the web? by what they read? by what organizations they belong to?
Be sure to update your Linkedin and AVVO accounts.  You might even send out a large (5×7) postcard to your “A” and “B” contacts categories letting them know you are now opening up this area in your practice.  Or do an eblast to these contacts.  Brainstorm with a friend or colleague and see what other ideas you can come up with.
Writing, speaking and networking with your target market is also a quick and easy way to let them know you exist.  Good Luck…..more to come……