3/4/13 I was driving to work this morning and passed by a building store.  Outside on the sidewalk were several men waiting to be selected for some work this day.  I felt badly for those who wouldn’t get jobs  after waiting around for hours.  They were obviously eager to work but no one was picking them.
As a coach,of course, I was thinking of all kinds of ways they could be using that “waiting time” to aggressively get work that they needed.
Then it occurred to me that the example I was seeing was something that plagues attorneys.  Many feel that they have a great deal to offer and don’t understand why no one comes in the door.  Or, there is the fear that no one will come if they open a solo practice.
Over the years, I have found there are answers to these fears. Even in tough times, there is work for attorneys, albeit, it may not be in the most desirable or prestigeous  areas. A majority of the time, plain good old fashioned marketing techniques do the trick.  Sometimes, attorneys have unique problems or challenges that keep them from productive marketing.  But these can be uncovered and resolved.
So, as the optimists say “It’s all good” and it really is… take a look at yourself and see if you are just waiting or doing this week.