Now that you have recovered from all that eating, let’s get back to business.

11/26/12  Now that you have recovered from all that eating, let’s get back to business.  Have you located any Magical Thinking that happens in your life?  This is a little different from denial.  Denial happens when we just don’t want to face what is really happening.  You might like to read my article “Is There An Elephant in Your Law Office” for a better description of how denial can take over an office.
Magical Thinking, on the other hand, has an action or activity involved.  You feel like you are doing something that should have a great outcome, but doesn’t.  That’s because the original believe is not based on solid reality.  Examples are: Allowing teenagers to have easy access to alcohol so they can “learn how to drink”.  Unfortunately, teenager’s brains are not nearly developed and they only drink to get drunk, not for sober socializing.  Tragic accidents and bad behavior often result.
Another common example for lawyers is going to endless seminars and workshops to improve their competency.  Seems like a good idea? right?  However, if this consumes time, energy and money that should go into solid marketing, then it is  a waste.  Also that behavior frequently comes from a “perfectionist” approach and can paralyze an attorney from doing the networking necessary to increase business, as well as having the time to actually lawyer.
Pretty heavy stuff….but best to know if it is going on in your life….