More about Magical Thinking next week.

11/19/12 More about Magical Thinking next week.  This week we all need to start thinking about ordering our Holiday Cards.  First decide what Holiday you are going to celebrate with your network.  Christmas, New Years, General Holiday Greetings,  etc.  Then make up your mind what kind of a message do you want to give.  Humorous, Beautiful eye candy, Sincere, Thankful, etc. Now don’t fool around.  Find a place to order and get going.  Get your list ready and figure out how you are going to get them addressed and out.  Give yourself a date certain that they all will be mailed.  Then forget about it for the time being.  You’ve done all you can do for now and your focus goes elsewhere.  That is a little trick that will keep you from losing your mind.  Calendaring the next step helps with stress.