I have been thinking about MAGICAL THINKING…

11/12/11 I have been thinking about MAGICAL THINKING…This is when the person thinks that just by doing something, that results will happen.  Unfortunately, in my work, there is some  MAGICAL THINKING.  Unfortunately, it is not enough just to show up and believe that is enough to make significant changes.  Unfortunately, you also have to do the work.
Apparently the term MAGICAL THINKING comes from the psychological community where people go to therapy and feel that just being there will produce a real change.  Not so….the work still must be done.
So, this week take a really good look at yourself.  Is there any MAGICAL THINKING  going on?  Do you go to a Network function but don’t give your card out or talk to anyone new?  That’s the hope that just by “doing something” a miracle will happen.

Having goals and being focused on a strategic plan is really the way to produce the desired results. Remember your coach is your secret weapon and can help to recognize and eliminate MAGICAL THINKING.