A very little task this week. Look around your office.

10/15/12 A very little task this week.  Look around your office.  Is it inviting for clients and colleagues to visit.  Is there a dish of hard candies (individually wrapped/ no chocolate, it goes too fast) in evidence?  Do you offer water or if possible, coffee or tea?  Tests have shown that offering something sweet makes a person feel cared for, which is what you are going to do.
Is the place where you see them clean?  is it uncluttered?
I remember once walking into an attorney’s office that was so piled up with papers it look like it should have been on the Hoarders Show on TV.  No place to sit and no filing cabinets.
Last, always walk your guest to the elevator or door or to their car if it is close by.  This is too often forgotten by the ego driven lawyer who can’t wait to get rid of a client or guest. Unfortunately, the client or guest gets the hint….UGH…..