One of the key factors in gaining or having self-efficacy is the expectation that the goal can be accomplished. If there is no hope or little belief that the goal is attainable, forget even starting the challenge.

We discussed seeing a task as a challenge or a threat.  From that we can deduce that a threat would easily turn into I Can’t Do It with all kinds of reasons behind that decision. By identifying the task as a threat and questioning the validity of the threat, can produce some reduction in the view as a threat.  Then, as we also discussed, taking “baby steps”to shift the view of a threat to a challenge, success is in sight.

THE BIG GUY ON THIS ONE IS STANFORD’S ALBERT BANDURA.                                                                160_F_133719947_ocURbIkyWm6ocM6LytjlAsY3Iu53rZDW

Taking studies from scientists  trying to find out what is the most effective way to promote change in people, Dr. Bandura hit upon a massive element that goes into defining success and failure:  SELF-EFFICACY!

He defines it as as “people’s beliefs about their capabilities to produce designated levels of performance that exercise influence over events that affect their lives.”  A simpler version goes: “People’s belief about their capabilities to produce effects.”

I know it says somewhere in the Bible something like: “Don’t give a hungry man a fish, teach him how to fish”. 


We have hundreds of Vets coming out of service that have great benefits afforded them in future training.  I understand that some have as much as  five years of expenses paid for if they enroll in college or other training.  Yet, we have many veterans unable to find work and becoming homeless.    Obviously, they need counselors and coaches to help them plan a program that they can stick with and end up with a paying job.

postcard  I came across Diane Feinstein’s request that we all send Postcards to the White House on March 15, 2017. SO LET’S DO IT!

The site with the instructions is http://www.oneequalworld.com/2017/02/08/theidesoftrump-postcards/ That explains the idea behind this campaign.  If the link doesn’t work, cut and paste it.  If that doesn’t work, go into http://www.oneequalworld.com. If that doesn’t work just send a postcard with a message on the back on March 15 to:

 President(for now)Trump, The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20500.

were you there?  marching-200x300

This is only the beginning of four years of doing everything we can to uphold the Constitution and our civil rights and more important, save our children’s future!

I have, for the past few years, made this blog about giving attorneys things to think about during each week and hints about actions they can take to make their practices better.  I have the overwhelming need now to change direction, at least for awhile, to keep my audience aware of what they can do each week to resist the destruction of our beautiful nation.

Dollarphotoclub_64803634-300x225I’m going away, but I’ll be back….

So all you nice people who read my blog can be assured that after I spend time with my children and grandchildren and old friends, I’ll return with an outstanding blog for Monday, January 2, 2017.  How did it get to be 2017 without my knowing it?

So, here’s wishes you all the best Holiday you deserve in this terrible time of trouble in our beautiful country.  Rest assure, we will not let those idiots ruin the climate change agenda and we will continue to fight for the rights of all humans. That’s my pledge for the New Year and I hope it is yours.

What the heck am I talking about? You guessed it:  A HOME OFFICE OR NOT?

Laptop and coffee in outdoor office
Best to give this one a lot of thought before you go forward with hanging your shingle on your front porch.  First of all, it is more than likely that clients will know your home address at some time, even if you meet them at a Starbucks.  Certainly most of the time this is OK until you get that client from (you know where).  Then you are not protected from all kinds of tactics including stalking and harassing you.  Remember this is why attorneys rip off the address labels on magazines that they bring them from home to their offices.

You can certainly have a mail box address which can appear as a real street address and this may help.  Also inexpensive “group” offices which allow you to use their address and facilities on a monthly basis can give you some protection.

AdobeStock_111289628Dear Readers,

As the year comes to an end, you know I like to give advice about how to handle the new year.  Well, this year is no different.Both you and your clients have had some real difficult times and some very unique challenges this past year.  Between the stock market behavior , job problems and the election debacle, doom and gloom has run rampant.  Many lawyers have suffered significant disruption of their businesses as clients and employers try to keep their heads above water.

Now, some of the experts tell us that the recession has turned around.  Other experts tell us that there is more disruption to come as the government goes crazy.Whatever happens, guess what?  WE STILL ALL HAVE THAT PIECE OF PAPER THAT SAYS WE ARE LAWYERS! Most people in the world don’t have that piece of paper. We have infinite possibilities to use that piece of paper to not only provide us with a living but to give us job satisfaction as well.


business man with his head buried in the sand

Now is the time to decide how you are going to handle the next four years.

One of the things that helped me come back to the world of the living was to decide what actions I could take to fight the obvious screwed up thinking of many American voters.  I started with a subject that I have written about previously which was Why Do People Choose to Do Things that Injure Themselves?  Why would someone not take a life saving drug? Why do people vote for something directly opposed to their self interest?